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Há quem diga que a medicina ortomolecular é que funciona...

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linus pauling orthomolecular medicine
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Já que falam em cura para o cancro. nunca ouviram falar no milagre que é o óleo de cânhamo? Ficam aí com o link para averiguar.
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Comentário retirado de um forum ( com vários sites que falam sobre o assunto que falei acima:

The endocanabinoid system in our bodies regulate our cancer defense – so it makes sense that cannabis works effectively in this area, and the science backs that up.

For those who dispute the fact that cannabis can cure cancer, I would like to refer you to numerous studies (since 1974!) that show that cannabinoids kills cancer cells, shrink tumors, halts the spread of invasive carcinomas, and prevents occurrence. I don’t know if you have the energy or the interest to follow up these links, but if you do value truth over hearsay and propaganda, then I would suggest you look at them. First you have to ask yourself: why don’t you know about this? (Then you should get really, really angry).

Original Univ of Va study showing that THC halts lewis lung adenocarcinoma:

London study showing THC causes kills leukemia cells.

University of Texas study showing the CB1 receptor (which is activated by cannabis) suppresses colorectal cancer tumor, when the receptor is lost cancer can occur.

Univ of Southern Florida study showing that cannabis blocks cancer causing viruses:

Harvard study showing cannabis cuts lung cancer growth in half:

The British Journal of Cancer reports that cannabis treats prostate cancer

Researchers at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute found that cannabis halts breast cancer.

A large population study of chronic cannabis smokers found that they had a REDUCED risk of head, neck and throat cancers when compared to those that did not use cannabis.

Spanish study showing that THC inhibits gliomas (brain cancer).

Want more links? Here is a much more comprehensive list compiled by a wonderful woman who calls herself Granny Storm Crow:

As for me, I am on my way to get some hemp oil for my 99 year old aunt with uterine cancer. Debbie’s point was that THC hemp oil should NOT be illegal. It is criminal that it is illegal. Also, I live in California, and believe me it is not so easy to get or to make, since the process involves distillation with solvents and heat. Also, because of our laws, hemp, which should cost a few dollars a pound, costs thousands! 60ml of good quality THC hemp oil requires a full pound of buds, and 5 gallons of solvents. We need our laws changed – NOW!
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se está interessado em saber mais por favor visite este site:

Fala das curas com bicarbonato de sódio, e de como a indústria farmacêutica tenta iludir-nos de modo poder continuar a facturar milhões.